WTS officer highends

Have the following top shelf purples on sale:

-Hakim, Gotan & Tobias webs
-Chelm & Draclira SBs, neuts, armor reps
-Estamel multispec
-Top-level power diagnostics (chelm, cormack, draclira)
-Estamel/tobi BCUs
-Zorya radsink

All prices notably below jita sell. Mail me for details!

Price for the Drac SBs?

Draclira smartbombs are sold. Rest still available.

Zorya radsink price?

Thread up. Still on sale; mizuro web currently on hypernet

[URL removed, hyper is finished]

Thread up again. Mizuro web hyper completed; Hakim web now on the net

[URL removed, hyper finished]

Thread up. Hakim web is gone, Mizuro web is still on sale - along with Gotan & Tobias!

Hakim & Mizuro webs are both gone.

Picked up a new Hakim web, so that’s back on sale as well

Have cormack PDS for sell?