WTS officer highends [more mods added, prices reduced!]

Have the following top shelf purples on sale:

-Mizuro, Hakim, Gotan webs; 15, 31B and 75B, respectively
-Estamel multispec, 92.5B
-Top-level power diagnostics (chelm, cormack, draclira); 12B each
-Estamel/tobi BCUs; 19B each
-Draclira SB: 24B
-Unit P’s DCU: 14B
-Gotan’s tracking enhancer: 12.5B
-Ahremen’s cap recharger: 7.4
-Mizuro scram: 9.5B
-Hakim scram: 18B
-Cormack’s 100MN AB: 15B
-Cormack tracking comp: 12.5B

Also, some cheaper items for very reasonable prices!
-Vepas BCU: 8.25B (2 available)
-Mizuro gyrostab: 3.6B
-Raysere heatsinks: 3.8 each (3 available)
-Tairei smartbomb: 3.6 each
-Tuvan MWD: 4b

Mail me with inquiries!

Price for the Drac SBs?

Draclira smartbombs are sold. Rest still available.

Zorya radsink price?

Thread up. Still on sale; mizuro web currently on hypernet

[URL removed, hyper is finished]

Thread up again. Mizuro web hyper completed; Hakim web now on the net

[URL removed, hyper finished]

Thread up. Hakim web is gone, Mizuro web is still on sale - along with Gotan & Tobias!

Hakim & Mizuro webs are both gone.

Picked up a new Hakim web, so that’s back on sale as well

Have cormack PDS for sell?

Tobi web sold, but rest of inventory still available.

Thread up. Still on sale!

Mail me your prices. I will not negotiate so send me your best prices first time


Thread bump, prices updated

Thread bump, prices updated, more mods added

Thread up! Cormack tracking comp sold.

Thread up. More mods added, including some cheap lower tier modules.