WTS Officer P-3 DC / Tobias Gyrostabs

(Riyno) #1

1 x Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control 28.5b
2 x Tobias’ Modified Gyrostabilizer 9b/each

(Lyro Chastot) #2

Ill give you tree fiddy.

(Riyno) #3

? what?

no idea what you offer but i am sure its not 350…

instand sell is 40b, so also nope to 35!

(Zhenda) #4

35b b/o

(Riyno) #5

again jita BUY is 40b why the hell should i take 35???

all offers under jita Buy are a free bump, thx

(Lyro Chastot) #6

36b b/o

(Zhenda) #7

40B bo gimmi

(Shiven Deneith) #8

I’ll give you 16.5 bil for both of the gyros.

(Shiven Deneith) #9

17bil for the gyros?

(Slicks) #10

17.5b for the gyros

(Shiven Deneith) #11

Contract me and I’ll accept when I get home in a few hours.

(system) #12

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