WTS Old 86M+ SP Subcap PVP Character

This character is for sale.

  • Rich history
  • Sec Status: 5.0
  • Location: Jita 4-4
  • Jump Clones: None
  • Wallet: 100M+

Pilot Skills

Auction will end 24hr after the minimum of 50B is bid

50 Bil

mail sent, check pls

52 Bil

53 Bil Bid. Mail me with what your buyout would be?

55B B/O

55.5b bo

Less than 1 hour left!

auction will close promptly at 11:00 eve time (downtime). mail will be sent to the winner when the servers come back online.

56b B/O

************** AUCTION CLOSED ***************

Congrats to the the highest bidder!

57! I just woke up!

I need about 10 minutes to pay isk

I changed an account to pay, DEVILFENGYU ,this ,I’ve mail you in game

I’ve pay isk


Transfer complete

ok,I’ve received the character, o7

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