WTS ONE 7M SP Character

Before I extract and biomass him I’d like to see if someone would be interested in buying my PI, research and reactions alt.

  1. Will have 0ISK in wallet upon transfer.
  2. Has no kill rights on him.
  3. No jump clones.
  4. Docked in hisec at Jita trade hub

See https://char.tools4eve.com/character.php?name=Lucas_Pavoni for details.

Since my previous post was closed for what I believe was misunderstanding of me trying to sell multiple charcters I’d liko to point out that I’m selling ONLY ONE character who can do PI, research and reactions. It’s NOT MULTIPLE charcters. And I believe I disclosed all the information according to “C. You must disclose the following information” rule. So I hope this post doesn’t get closed again for no appaerent reason.

Thank you.

The char for sale must be the one to create the sale thread.

So lucas Pavoni is who you should have posted this with

If you read the rest of the rule posted by @ISD_Traindriver , it states that multiple characters can be sold under one post, provided, they disclose what is needed.

However if its one pilot for sale, that pilot must make the thread.

Dengar ashller is not lucas pavoni.

The Charcter you want to sell has to open the Thread with his own Forumsaccount.

You can Read all Details and Rules in this Thread