WTS one of the OLDEST char in EVE 2003.05.12 . 266mill sp

(Snaut) #1

The time has come to let him go…

This character was created a week after EVE came to existence. Think about it for a sec , this is a methuselah of EVE.

For the past few years I don’t have time to play eve ,yet I still paid for my account for a pure attachment to that char. I decided that this truly amazing character needs to go and get his life back , undock for some serious business -killing , trade or …killing.

With 266 mill of SP Snaut has been well prepared to face the harsh environment of eve. He has no kill rights. Positive wallet. If I remember correctly he has 4 bil worth of implants on one of his clones (high-grade set of slaves plus Hull upgrades HG-1008) but then again someone who will buy him will be squillioner anyway so no matter. 2 remaps. All CCP rules apply

Here is a link to eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Snaut

Everyone can check it out for themselves but few stats needs to be mentioned (close to my heart)
-Missiles 24mill sp
-Gunnery 47mill sp
-Spaceship command 88 mill sp
-Snaut is ranked 126 based on birth

Now, I know you can buy injectors and all sort of things . Here you are buying part of EVE history.

If you DO not stick to the topic and post bellow the asked price , you will be reported and wasting your time . If you make silly comments that I should have skilled this and that , you will be reported and I really don’t care. I paid for Snaut for a loooong time and I had some awesome time with that char so I am in no rush to sell it for less that I am asking for. If you want to be anonymous and send me an offer in game I will respect that and respond within a day.

Staring bid : 250Bil
Buyout : 280Bil

I truly hope Snaut will end up with some deadly PVP skilled person . To celebrate new adventure of Snaut I will pay for a PVP ship of your choice up to 1B after you purchase him , maybe more if I find that right person .


P.s. I have no idea why I had no afterburners to lv 5… Quite embarrassing. Fixed now

(Snaut) #2

To the top

(Eliram Kahoudi) #3

Just wondering why only afterburner 4?

Ill start you off at 230b

(Eliram Kahoudi) #4

Agreed upon price in eve mail. Please confirm and ill send isk and account name.

(Snaut) #5

I confirm we agreed on a price in an email. I will transfer Snaut to the nominated account once I get the isks.

(Eliram Kahoudi) #6

isk and account name sent.

(Snaut) #7

Isks received . Char is being transferred

(system) #8

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