No Longer For Sale

This is me

DOB : 2003 - 5 - 6

This character was born the day eve servers went online back in 2003. As you can imagine there are not many characters born on this date and with this amount of SP, making this character one of the oldest characters in the game.

:yum:47th all time SP on eveboard


:fist_right:Armor - 6.7M SP
:fist_right:Drones - 14.6M SP
:fist_right:Electronics - 17.4M SP - ALL 5
:fist_right:Engineering - 8.9M SP
:fist_right:Fleet Support - 15.8M SP
:fist_right:Gunnery - 64.6M SP - wow
:fist_right:Missiles - 24.3M SP
:fist_right:Navigation - 12.9M SP
:fist_right:Rigging - 7.4M SP
:fist_right:Scanning - 7.1M SP
:fist_right:Shields - 6.4M SP
:fist_right:Spaceships - 62.3M SP - wow
:fist_right:Targeting - 3.8M SP

POSITIVE SEC | RE-MAP | Positive wallet | +5’s | High-Grade Clones | In Amarr | No Killrights | Good Standings | Clean History

If you have been playing this game as long as I have, you’ll know this character is not just another high sp toon but something special. There are ships for sale for at the moment for 1T ISK plus, just because they’re rare. Why not buy something that’s not going to sit in station gathering dust, why not buy something that was created the day this game started, the day this great game was made.

Buy a piece of eve online history


Please feel free to mail this character, I will catch mails on my phone.


LOL, well, 20th oldest maybe…

Good luck with the flip, Jinto.

I’ll bid 235 bil to get you started.

260B Mail sent

270b Bid

Hi, this will be interesting to follow, we are almost identical on skillpoints.
Good luck.

Still 4 sale

Thanks for all the mails & posts. He shall continue training with +5’s until someone can come up with an interesting offer.


I started playing 22 April of this year. I will give you everything I have.

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300 Billion

Please talk to me in-game if you have any questions.

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Still 4 sale

Kila, while I really appreciate that offer, I have had so much interest regarding the sale of this character I think I will pass. Until someone offers something substantial, I’ll hold onto this character and keep him training.

C4rli0 is now in the top 50 all time skillpoints on eveboard.


Easily the only decent character for sale on the bazaar :stuck_out_tongue:

Still for sale


Used to fly with C4rlit0 when the 1st owner had that char, was great time in Zombie, gl with the sell, yes truely one of fiew left. But you did thou not create it like you say from day one, exept your name is Petur.

I never said it’s been my char that whole time. But I agree its a special one.

Still for sale

Eve is dying…

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Eve Online has literally quadrupled in players this year alone, and it’s dying… right, please do not spam this thread.

Also free bump for an insanely well known character.

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Now 48th all time SP

Still for sale

280 bil

Now 47th all time SP

Still for sale