WTS or Rent WH c5-6 / c5-5

+2 5-6, see first post.

i’ll take the c5-6 vanilla … add me C2#4727

ок. .

I have 2 systems for sell/rent

What’s the price for the c5/6 vanilla, DM in game

Sent ingame

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WH c5-5 vanilla + Astrahus availablee

How much do you want for the c5 and how does it work. Thanks

Sent eve-mail.

New: WH c5-5 Red Giant + Astrahus

Is it still available ?
If so what’s the price ?

in game mail sent

mail sent

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only 5-5 RG remaining.

how much for the 5-5 RG

sent eve-mail

Hi. Available for sale wh 5-5?

Yes, you can contact me on discord Faydhe#6250 (SSQ pub) or I will send you eve-mail later ingame.