WTS Orca alt

(Aaron Cayne Ohaya) #1

wts orca alt



5M skill points

all rules apply

(Malaki Shimaya) #2

Do you still have this pilot?

(Aaron Cayne Ohaya) #3

Yes, wich is your offer?

(Itachi TheAvenger) #4

I offer 5 bil. would you take that?

(Django Osas) #5

Yes i take that

(Django Osas) #6

Send isk and account name to Aaron Cayne Ohaya

(Aaron Cayne Ohaya) #7


(Inevitability) #8

Is this character still available? If so, I’ll do 4.5bil ISK right now.

(Aaron Cayne Ohaya) #9

yes it is send isk and account name

(4th Place Loser) #10

If they have not done so, I can purchase the character now.


(Inevitability) #11

ISK and account name sent.

(Inevitability) #12

Still waiting on character transfer.

(Bill Fisher) #13

wait why do you say the toon has 5m sp? eveboard says almost 13m sp? if its actually 13m then Ill offer 5.5B

(Inevitability) #14

This character’s eve board said 13mil sp. That is what my bid was based off of. Please refund my ISK.

(Armin Quark) #15

isk refunded character still for sale

(Armin Quark) #16

this char Aaron Cayne Ohaya have 5m sp orca focused wts it for 3.5b

(Inevitability) #17

Refund received. Thank you.

(Armin Quark) #18


(Special Op) #19

4b sound good? i have isk ready

(Armin Quark) #20

yes, transfer isk and account name