WTS Orca alt

wts orca alt



5M skill points

all rules apply

Do you still have this pilot?

Yes, wich is your offer?

I offer 5 bil. would you take that?

Yes i take that

Send isk and account name to Aaron Cayne Ohaya


Is this character still available? If so, I’ll do 4.5bil ISK right now.

yes it is send isk and account name

If they have not done so, I can purchase the character now.


ISK and account name sent.

Still waiting on character transfer.

wait why do you say the toon has 5m sp? eveboard says almost 13m sp? if its actually 13m then Ill offer 5.5B

This character’s eve board said 13mil sp. That is what my bid was based off of. Please refund my ISK.

isk refunded character still for sale

this char Aaron Cayne Ohaya have 5m sp orca focused wts it for 3.5b

Refund received. Thank you.


4b sound good? i have isk ready

yes, transfer isk and account name