WTS Orca, Bowhead and CapPart BPO

(Lynsah Fallen) #1

Want to Sell Some BPOs

Each CapPart BPO has 10/20 and costs 2B/ea
Location in Amarr TradingStation.

(Mstache) #2

I’ll take @2 bil each

Capital corporate hanger bay x1
Capital ship maint bay x1

contract in jita 4-4

(Lynsah Fallen) #3

Still looking for Sell

(Trixi Laminer) #4

Hey there can you contract me capital construction parts and capital cargo bay bpos?
I can pay on monday when Ill be online again :slight_smile:

(Lynsah Fallen) #5

Contract ist out in Amarr TradingStation on Trixi Laminer

(Lynsah Fallen) #6

Still looking for sell

(Lynsah Fallen) #7

Still looking for sell

(Lynsah Fallen) #8

Still for Sell

(system) #9

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