WTS Orca/Charon Pilot, 21.8M SP

Hello, I am for sale.

21.8M SP
Orca/Charon Pilot
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
2 Clones, both in Jita 4-4, both with Genolution Implants
Int 30, Mem 24 build
No remap until 2023.7.20
No skills in training

8.5b offer

10b o7

11b offer

Canceling the 11b offer

Current top bid is 10b by P47 Jack.

Bids close tomorrow (Aug 26, 2022) at Eve downtime.

P47 Jack, your bid of 10B is accepted. Please transfer the isk in game and forward your account ID so that I can initiate the character transfer.

P47 Jack ae you there? Are you still interested in the purchase? Let me know.

10B BO isk ready online now

ok its a deal, since P47 Jack has gone silent. Logging on Zeph now

isk and acc send

Ok 10b Isk received. Initiating transfer.

Transferring to xxxxxxxxxx

Will be completed after 8/27/2022 5:37:07 PM

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