"SOLD"WTS Orca Pilot - 23.7M sp (2.1M unallocated sp)

Just a regular Orca pilot with some core and general PVE skills.

The good about it is, you can apply 2.1M skill points wherever you want.

This is my entire Skillboard proof:

Location is: Jita 4-4 with no assets and almost empty wallet (350k isk)

NPC and no kill rights.

Reason to sell is I created a crazy amount of characters back in the days, and now I just want to play with 2 characters to simplify my EVE life :smiley:

I will miss Kinetic as he looks badass but I just dont want to play him any more.


Not bad but you can try a lil harder :smiley:

Anyone offering 18b ?

16 billion. ISK in hand.

17B offer

sounds good

r u still for selling? i offer 2 days ago.

If it did not sold, Iā€™m buying 17.5B Buy out

i offer 18B, r u ready to trade now? i waiting for many days already

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yours!!! :smiley:

so, r u accept the 18B or not? i will withdrew the offer since u selling more than a week is not reasonable. i only wait for 10H more or will be withdrew the 18B offer.

I just saw your in game mail I win this with 18B. Pls accept the offer in the forum as the rules. And than i will start the isk and account info send.

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I accept this 18B offer from Cotiruno.

Sale is closed :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Thanks for accept the 18B offer. Account name and isk sent.

Please initiate the character transfer.

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ISK received, character transfered :slight_smile:

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