WTS Orca/Porpoise Compression Pilot

3.163 Security Status
Positive wallet
No kill rights
I pay transfer fee
[LarryLeonFlint (Quantum Anomaly)

Bidding start at 1 Bil

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Hi, do you have a porpoise alt only for sale?

no just this Char

Can i ask if you can make it a porpoise focused booster for fleet mining? And how much if thats the case, thanks

yes once its a orca boosting char its also a porpoise boosting char

this one is focused on compression tho.

still for sale


1.1b offer


3 b !

noted. ! going in the right direction lol

Do you have a buyout set ?

no sir i didnt set one. i posted for 20 bil but got no bids so i started at 0 this time

7b offer

Noted and your getting much closer to my minimum

8 B offer

noted you guys show me some love, mining fleet bonuses leet

9bil offer

offer withdrawn