WTS Originally spec for PVP, 5mil sp Eng skills at lvl 5

(sinexyn) #1


should be a quick train for a usable pvp toon as engineering skills mostly kept at level 5 for easy fitting.

Mechanics Level 5
Capacitor Management Level 5
Capacitor Systems Operation Level 5
CPU Management Level 5
Electronics Upgrades Level 5
Energy Grid Upgrades Level 5
Power Grid Management Level 5
Weapon Upgrades Level 5
Gunnery Level 5

positive isk, no KR, toon in hisec, npc corp

:star: IChooseYou - Buying all pilots BACK AGAIN! Instant isk!
(SemiMartinov) #2

4b b/o

(sinexyn) #3

@SemiMartinov it’s yours for 4b send me isk and account name, I’ll transfer as soon as I get back home from work.

(sinexyn) #4

toon got 3 remaps and some interbus skin for atron and vexor just fyi

(sinexyn) #5

online now, waiting for isk and acct name

(Tubertini) #6

4b b\o right now

(sinexyn) #7

send me isk and acct ill do the transfer to you since i havent heard from the other guy yet

(Tubertini) #8

isk and acc info sent

(sinexyn) #9

Thanks! will transfer as soon as I get back home, just got to work and don’t have access to eve.

(sinexyn) #10

isk received, transfer started. Thanks!

(Tubertini) #11

Character received, thanks

(system) #12

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