WTS P.I. Materials (Stacmon)

What is the volume?

250k volume
I will pay 700m for it, because that takes a lot of time to transport.

I could offer 750m, contract to me if acceptable.

If I use a hauler like a bestower, the trip takes ages, I need 9 trips, and I might get ganked,
If I use a Sunesis, it takes 350 trips, gosh. That’ll take like 59 hours (at one trip every 10 mins).

At 200m profit, that gets me 3.3 million isk per hour. Atrocious. How many jumps is it to Jita? Through high only and shortest?

My offer today would be 850m (valid for 24 hours).

Isn’t Stacmon a triglavian fortress system?



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