WTS Perfect Hulk Pilot 26kk SP

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Skal_Undertaker PW 159
Exhumers 5 lvl
All Processing 4 lvl
Drone 4.9 kk sp
Shild Skill 3.5 kk sp
Mining drone oper 5 lvl
Reserch and Lab.Oper 5 lvl

Charter in Jita
NPC Corp

Start 27 b

Character will be transferred over PLEX. Get ready to wait.

15 bilions

15.25 b

16.5 bil


17 bil

18.5 bil

18.75 bil

19 bil

bump ! ! !


Bump !!!

UP !!!

27b for 26m sp… you’re lucky you were even offer 16.5b


13b bid


Confirming 19 bil if this dude is still for sale.

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