WTS perfect ice refiner and beginner miner

(Fera Luna) #1

looking for a quick sale.
pw 123

4.3m sp, 27k unallocated
39m in wallet
positive sec status
one mining hardwiring no other implant ts or clones.
located in Avair lowsec 8 jumps from amarr.
has no kill rights.

open to offers

(Fera Luna) #2


(Fera Luna) #3


(Miso Asian) #4

2 Billion.

(Fera Luna) #6

3b and it yours

(Miso Asian) #7


Sorry, not trying to be cheap. Just trying to cover the cost of injectors to get it to 5m sp.

(Fera Luna) #8

I spent 4b injecting this toon 3b is a loss for me as it is

(Miso Asian) #9

Understood. Thanks!

(Fera Luna) #10


(Fera Luna) #11


(Fera Luna) #12

sold in game

(system) closed #13

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