Selling me!

2005 pilot with Amazing resource processing (null ores) and reactions skills. Also has a lot of SP into trade skills, and industrial… only thing left is a few 5’s and you’ve got a refiner that will make anyone jealous. Check here:

Next remap 12/23/2018
No jump clones
positve isk wallet
no kill rights
positive sec status
located in jita 4-4
ALL +5 implants AND Zainou ‘Beancounter’ Research RR-605, Metallurgy MY-705, Reprocessing RX-804
Has some frigate glacial drift skins, nothing too noteworthy.

This is a PLEX SALE. a GM will finish the transfer to your account.

starts at 22b.

no buyout as im not sure how to price this out. But a fair price and its yours.

daily bump

bump bump

15b isk ready

19 bil

will consider this for the next 24h

19.5 bil

20 bil

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20bil, will sell in 24 hours to Gattanera

25bil is buyout.

Gattanera isn’t available to buy it today so it’s still available.

confirming selling to Gattanera for 20b.

got mail from you in game, need a confirmation here though.


Confirmed, sending ISK and acc info

ticket made. Thank you!

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