WTS perfect Rorqual and nullsec refining alt!

I am selling this nice rorqual alt! It has perfect rorqual yield skills, perfect nullsec ore refining skills, perfect VNI ratting skills, logi cruiser skills and industry skills enough to produce carriers and dreads. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/C4aoS_Aulmais

B/O: 40b

how much do you want for it?

How much,pal.

Somewhere between 35 and 40b.

Daily bump

Hey man, I got 30B ready.

I appreciate the offer, but I need a little more. I want 40b and you’re offering 30b, so let’s meet at the middle and say 35b eh?


Offer retracted

I can do 30.5b If its still there

Auction over, character is sold.

Can do 32B if its still there

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