WTS perfect scanning alt 17.4m

17.4 m sp
perfect scan skill.
Cybernetics, Cybernetics 5
cov ops 5
t2 hauler
good astero
positive valet, locate in jita, no kill rights.
good nickname and face :slight_smile:
2 bonus remap
b/o 19kkk

5.5b offer

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What attributes does it have now? When next remap will be availible?

5.5 Bil offer

cancel the bid

bump :slight_smile:

7b offer

12b offer.

u at right way, but i want a bit more

13b offer

thnx for bid, but in only prices from extract

Good luck to you then. My offer stands for a little while longer.

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daily bump

13.5b can offer

14B offer

ok, wait isk and acc name

as i understand still for sale

My bid is still actual

If no one offered more than 14.99b till Monday, i’ll save my 20$ and extract this char )

bump !!!