WTS perfect subcup pilot (185kk+ SP)


It’s actually 187kk+, but there are probably around 2 million sp wasted. Look at SS, it’s very hard to get such nowadays, if possible at all. Could probably get it to 6.0, but was too lazy back to then, and then CCP closed that loophole.

Because of the pilot mostly used in PvP, social skill are ■■■■. There are 1kk unallocated SP. There is 1 bonus Neural Remap available.

Now as to a price… It’s an interesting question… Alright, let’s start from 160 bil. 220 bil bo.

150 bil

155 bil

156 bil

157 bil


162 bil

what’s happening ?

bump !

I’m following the thread from time to time, but all these offers aren’t enough. I’d rather keep the pilot, than sell it with such a discount.

170bil !

I’ll start thinking about selling the toon, when the price gets close to 200 bil.

The character is not in a npc corp
the character has not posted in the topic to confirm he is for sale


busted!!! alt caught shell bidding to pump up price… hahaha

Moving a character to an NPC corp takes a couple of minutes. And as to posting…

Couldn’t log in, because this forum hated Firefox, so I have to use Chrome now.


So it looks like I won’t get what I want, so I recall the offer. I’m going to keep the pilot. Thanks everybody for your bids.

172 bil

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