WTS Perpetual Motion Unit II

WTS this item. Last one seem to have sold for 5 B


Starting bid : 2 B
Buyout : 6 B

Possibly a stupid question: What does it do?

I don’t know what it does, possibly nothing but It’s a collector’s item. In this year, one has sold for 5 B and the other like 2.5 I think

Huh, is there a t1 version?

Yeah there’s a T1 version =)
Also BPCs

:heart:Jenna​:heart: Said Hell​:smiling_face:

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Is it a module, or just an item?

Edit: i think it isn’t a module, but if it isn’t a module, is it a type of charge for something?

Any one wanna bid? lol

Well, no one else has, so here I go with a 5mil bid
(And yeah, ik that it is really low when another one of these sold for 5bil)

1b to start you off

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Still looking for bids

I could do 1.5b

Thanks for the bid.
Will contract you if there’s no higher bid within 24 hours.

2bil to me