WTS Perpetual Motion Unit II

WTS this item. Last one seem to have sold for 5 B


Starting bid : 2 B
Buyout : 6 B

Possibly a stupid question: What does it do?

I don’t know what it does, possibly nothing but It’s a collector’s item. In this year, one has sold for 5 B and the other like 2.5 I think

Huh, is there a t1 version?

Yeah there’s a T1 version =)
Also BPCs

:heart:Jenna​:heart: Said Hell​:smiling_face:

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Is it a module, or just an item?

Edit: i think it isn’t a module, but if it isn’t a module, is it a type of charge for something?

Any one wanna bid? lol

Well, no one else has, so here I go with a 5mil bid
(And yeah, ik that it is really low when another one of these sold for 5bil)

1b to start you off

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Still looking for bids

I could do 1.5b

Thanks for the bid.
Will contract you if there’s no higher bid within 24 hours.

2bil to me


Necroing thread
Have another one for sale

Still selling

Still selling

Can sell for 3 B

Still selling this drill