Selling Perpetual Motion Unit II Blueprint

Confirmed there is only 3 in the game.

Throw me offers here or i will be more active in game.

Interesting piece of history. I’ll start you off at 1 bil

Thanks for the bump

What ballpark are you looking for then?

Current offer is 40b.

I remember having a couple of these back when I first ran the tutorial missions. The glory days of EVE…now 40 billion? Dang.


considering there is only 3 in the game a couple seems far fetched :smiley:

40 bil is a great get for any collectors item without a function. Nice one!

How did you confirm there were only 3? I have one in my hangar.

I asked alot of people. and the biggest of collectors verified it.

Then I would make 4… lol

So lets get one thing clear here…when I say I had a couple of these…everyone had one at some point. You had to have these to complete a tutorial mission back in the “glory days” of Eve. Of course, my happy self never thought to keep this because, well, I needed to finish the tutorial. Sure, NOW, there may be only a few left…but back in the day, this was a common item.

EDIT: All that above now said, its definitely a rarity and I would LOVE to have one, for nostalgia, of course. Good luck with your sale!

Up to the top. current offer is 40b


WASupppp to the top!!

I would say there are far less Mining Drone - Elite’s than there are of these and I wouldn’t expect anyone to pay anywhere near 40b for one. You could actually make use of it too!

42b is current offer. up to the top.

WASupppp to the top!!

WASupppp to the top!!

42b is current offer. up to the top.