WTS/A Perpetual Motion Unit I and II - Sold

Located in Jita 4-4, of course.

Start bid: 1 bil
Increment: 1 bil
End date: 2/25 @ 7 PM CST
Sniper: 30 min




Zahara let me know when u sell these and want to buy more

I doubt i buy more.

Start you with 1b

I’ll offer 2b

To the top…

bumper cars

Did I win? =)

Ends in a day… currently at 3 bil in game.

Oh shoot yeah missed a day. Though you might want to post the ingame bids more often else there’s no way to know until its too late.

4 bil offer

How long I’ve held these things… not long before it ends…


5b to take them off your hand

I spot a hellhound drone in there… i wonder… is that one for sale?

Sadly, I did not hold onto the ones I acquired. I think I was buying them for 1.5 bil each back then and only came across a few… Not even sure when or how I acquired the Tutorial Attack Drone.

Auction over… Contract up to Fred Bloggs! Thanks!

Sweet! Will accept when I log in

Contract accepted!

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