Fiend bpc

(Tallulah Black) #1

Fiend blueprint for sale 1 run… POSSIBLY the only one left unless any holders of the remaining bpc come forward?

I reserve the right to not sell if the price is too low so please bare this in mind

Auction will run for 2 weeks starting today the 19/10/2018 with a start bid of 200 bil in 10 bil increments
Currently located in Jita safely tucked wanting to be finally built
NO buyout

Auction Extended by a extra 2 weeks due to the high interest i’m seeing

Please place your bids here so everyone can see thankyou and good luck

(Big Lynx) #2

Lovely Tallulah! I give you 220b

(Pete Tomaszewski) #3

230b .

(Tallulah Black) #4


(fred Uanid) #5


(Zahara Cody) #6

310 bil

(Doctor Awox) #7

320 :wink:

(sasha alexa) #8


(Dokschrauba) #9



(sasha alexa) #10

I will come back after 2 days.

(Natalie Southwind) #11

350B bid.

(Gliesse) #12

Will offer 360bil

(Siegfried Tahl) #13

Bumpity bump.

People here seem to like collecting rare ships. Maybe they would also like to be able to display their collection?


365b b/o

(system) #15

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