WTS PI/Cyno V/ interceptor flying Sp farming alt

(Zitis) #1

I’m for sale, have decent PI skills, Cyno V, can fly minmatar interceptors and have +5 implants for SP farming.

pw: 123

I’m currently in Jita 4-4, have a positive wallet balance, no kill rights and has one JC in jita

looking for 5b B/O

(Kaly Toralen) #2

Offer 3b/o

(Zitis) #3

4 and its a deal

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #4


(frech d4chs) #5

3.3b b/o

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #6


(HasmedAffini) #7


(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #8


(Zitis) #9

accepted, send isk and account info

(Moakia Ohaya) #10

isk sent, awaiting transfer

(Zitis) #11

I will start the transfer as soon as I get home from work. Approx 3 hours from now. Will post to confirm it is started.

(Zitis) #12

isk received and transfer initiated

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.
Character Name: Zitis
Will be completed after: 8/5/2017 5:47:45 AM
If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a ticket to Customer Support.