WTS PI/TRADE/SPFARM toon born 2004.04.03

Want to sell a toon born 2004 with 5m sp

Have skills in Trade and Planet Management


  • Located in Amarr high sec
  • 1 jump clone located in low sec
  • positive wallet balance
  • No Kill Rights
  • Is mapped to Charisma Primary and Memory Secondary with +4 implants in those two attributes
  • 3 Bonus remaps available + Neural Remap Available Now

Let the Auction begin

No interest?

ok lets start
p.s. your start and buyout bid?

Can i hear 5b ?

i’ll give you 5b as a b/o

5,2B but can send isk tomorrow afternoon, cause im at holidays right now.

Is this character still available?

5.8 B

6b ready

Has this sold?

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