WTS pilot 21.2M + 225K Unallocated SP

165 ship skins

one set Implants+5

Security Status 5.00

Bonus Remaps Available:2

can do level 5 tasks(Caldari)

can do level 4 tasks(Gallente)

Cybemetics V

Social + Security Connection all V

Hacking + Archaeology all V

Drone Interfacing + Drone Navigation + Drones + Light,Medium,Heavy,Mining Drone Operation all V

Missile Launcher Operation V

Controlled Bursts + Gunnery+ Rapid Firing + Motion Prediction + Sharpshooter + Small precursor Weapon all V

Target Management V

Hull Upgrades + Mechanics all V

CPU Management + Energy Grid Upgrades + Power Grid Management + Weapon Upgrades all V

Caldari Cruiser + Gallente Cruiser + Spaceship Command + Precursor Frigate all V

Starting Price 18b

Buy Out 21b

I will offer 13 billion for the character.

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