(WTS)Pilot For Incursions (19.9MSP)

Hi, i sell my character for Incursion of TDF. Is close for have all Elite.

Character: EveSkillboard - LaMinera
Skin HeartSurge Screenshot - 20170d28f174f60554f3315ccad9ea69 - Gyazo
Skill For Vindicator TDF Screenshot - d04f2cf1cd5a57782371e5cc017219c6 - Gyazo

  • No Corp
  • 0 ISK Wallet Account(possitive balance)
  • Character in HighSec
  • Not War, Not Permission for Kill
  • 2 Clones(1 with Amulet Implant for Inscursions TDF)

It is a special character only for incursions with TDF, 100% of the learned skills, were only for that content.

The price must be reasonable, since it is for use of the character in incursions, not to extract the SP from them, since I could do that myself.

Thanks for you interest in read this post.

10B,can i get?

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Sorry Zansim, but is not enought, thanks for you interest.

Daily Up.

Daily Up.

Daily Up.

how much u looking to get??

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Hi, i hope get almost 17b, because is a character for make isk very fast in incursions with TDF.

Thanks for you time.

Can’t sell ships as part of the sale

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Daily UP.

10.5b. Fitting, support skills need work.

threw u a pm. consider it and lmk

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