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Located in High Sec
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet

All for sale

Aywheel Keel Yu 4B B/O

Feed 18B B/O

I Am For Sale

Confirming I am for sale

Confirming I am for sale too.

We are electric Bump


Excuse my ignorance I’ve never bought a pilot before. I’m interested can you give me a link or tell me how this process is completed?

I just read that thanks can you tell me transfer fee costs? and If i already have 3 pilots on my account do I have to delete one? Will multi training transfer to new purchase if i delete a pilot?

  • The Seller always pays for the Transfer fee.
  • Yes, you have to delete a character if all 3 slots are occupied for the transfer.
  • Yes, multi training will still work.


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