WTS Pure Subcap Toon, Paladin, Tengu V ect - 77m SP


As the titles says, purely skilled into subs , wants to see the interest for the toon, no rush to sell.

  • All races cruisers V
  • Shield, Skirm and Info links V
  • Can fly Paladin
  • Support skills V

Min bid 65b, will not sell for less :yawning_face:
B/O 75b

You haven’t made the toon public, fm the settings on the left hand side :wink:

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Bump, opened again!

65 b isks online

pls read ingame mail

Still available?

Yes still available, looking for higher, as i said in no rush to sell :slight_smile:

my offer expires at dt, after that good luck with your sale


still for sale?