No kill rights
Positive Wallet
Will be delivered in a NPC Corp
Located Jita


B/O 220B
Bids start at 160B

Hello,I can offer 140b


Sorry, you are 20b under lowest bid. And that is still a very low starting point for this char



Updating Bid to start at 150B. Its a good character.

143b valid for 24 hours

I am one of the few buyers who buy accounts for playing ,not for extracting skills. So the price I provide is already a few that are willing to be higher than the value of skills. Maybe you will have to wait for weeks or even months if you missed me. The price may be lower than what I am offering now.

Bid accepted, please wire money to character and Ill start the process

Please confirm this transaction with the poster’s account :handshake:


Confirmed that Im the one that will be sold

I have paid you and provided you with the target account information by email :grinning:

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