WTS Rag/Levi/bus pilot 67m SP

wts myself, 67m sp focused for rag, can sit in levi and an Erebus needs gun skills.

have both books installed already.

Looking to sell if i get the right price. pm either in game or leave comment here.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Marleath_Orteska pass: 123

also i am a bad nyx pilot. lvl 4 gal carrier and lvl 4 Fighter bomber/Fighters lvl 5

Pass: 123

55 bil.

57 bil

58 bil

59 bil

skill board for nyx plz and price

65 bil

It’s all linked in the discription

Looking for a stronger bid


Daily bump

66B offered

Marleath- Looking for 70b

il give 70b for it


bump looking for a higher bid

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