WTS Ragnarok Pilot \ PVP Character (2005 born)



Selling myself (no need for a titan anymore)

Character in in Jita (4-4), has FULL Snake and Nomad sets (Snake installed and Nomad in a clone, in Jita).

Starting bid - 105 bil isk. Buyout - when i like the price

All CCP rules apply


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I think your starting bid and buyout are a little too high for the current market, IMHO.

Name your price then. I’m not very expirienced in character trade.

your price range is fine for a focused titan pilot. Dont let the people who just brain drain pilots to sell skill extractors get you out of your isk buddy.

you could even ask for more isk based off his birthdate and name. If i had the isk i would bid 125b on this character and worked my way up.

There lies the crucial part :smiley: If I had all the ISK in New Eden, I would offer 300b!

There aren’t many buyers of pilots with 100m+ SP, due to the steep price…

may take awhile to sell but that extra isk will be worth it in my opinion :slight_smile:

Is @purgary your alt?

no he is not just helping him out with random internet stranger opinions :stuck_out_tongue:

@purgary I would suggest setting a low starting bid, 100b. Let people bid, if there is demand, the price will go up quickly. You are under no obligation to sell, if you don’t like the bid amounts. Setting a high starting bid puts people off… but if you get the ball rolling, it will roll fast :smile:

It’s just like eBay. You bid on something cheap, but then the price start going up. Then you think to yourself, I bid that much, might as well go on… before you know it, you are bidding 2-3x more than your starting bid :cry:

i’v updated the 1st post. bids are welcome. let’s see where it goes


108 billion

@purgary, see :slight_smile:
109 bil

110 billion

111 bil

The buyout is 120bil. You are welcome to bid :slight_smile:

A little bump ! :slight_smile: i’ll be online for few hours and whoever gives the best price gets the character. Good luck gentlemen !