WTS Rare 2003 Chara with cool name


Born 2003-12-27
2.3m SP
3 remaps
Clean corp history
-4.2 sec status
Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Location: Jita

Character has one of the best and most unique names so make me a good offer.

10b B/O

I offer 1 pixel of a PLEX for the name.

Wait, it’s in Jita… I rescind my offer.

5b b/o

Thanks for the bid, I was hoping for a bit more than that :slight_smile:

Inject 25m sp into him and ill give you 10b

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Still looking for a new home - im lonely and need new friends :slight_smile:

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Someone must want this?? make me an offer :slight_smile:

How’s 6B?

Hi sorry for the late response I have been away with work and just returned. If your still interested let me know. Cheers

6 Billion isk

I accept 6b - please send isk and account details and I will start the transfer.

6 billion isk and account info sent for transfer of Alt Spy to my account

Will start transfer when I get home. - thanks

Isk received & transfer started to account specified in eve mail

Many thanks

Character arrived, thanks for trade.


I’ll give you 10B for it.