WTS Rattlesnake Pilots - Perfect for a C5 Farm

(Tibus Tazinas) #1

All characters are located in HS and have no kill rights + positive wallet.

All have solid drone skills + relevant ship skills

Perfect for a C5 Farm

I will pay the xfer fee

9.5m sp Rattle + DST https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Thorne_Adestur 9.5B B/O

9.5m Rattlesnake https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gabriel_Fear 9B B/O - Sold

7.5m sp Rattlesnake https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tibus_Tazinas 7.5B B/O

Please don’t send any in-game messages

Happy bidding.

(Tibus Tazinas) #2

Daily Bump.

(Tibus Tazinas) #3


(viceman) #4

Willing to take 8bil for Gabriel Fear?

(Tibus Tazinas) #5

I’ll take 8.5

(viceman) #6

Done I’ll send the isk tonight.

(Tibus Tazinas) #7

Great. I’ll be able to start the xfer in the next 24hrs.

(viceman) #9

Isk sent to Gabriel Fear with account to transfer to

(viceman) #10

any update?

(Tibus Tazinas) #11

Hey dude sorry. I’ve been busy as hell and haven’t had a chance. I will get onto it first thing in the morning. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you don’t want to wait I can send back the isk. No worries.

(viceman) #12

It’s fine. No Rush

(Tibus Tazinas) #13

Transfer started. Thanks very much for you patience.

(Tibus Tazinas) #14


(laocin fei) #15

Tibus tasinas 9bill

(Speaker Ryan) #16

Offer Retracted

(Tibus Tazinas) #17

Tibus sold. Send isk and account info and I’ll get the xfer going asap

(laocin fei) #18

I will be able to give you in 3-4 hours good?

(laocin fei) #19

to send data to?

(laocin fei) #20

you can wait 10 hours I need to remove 1 pilot if it doesn’t make you wait

(Tibus Tazinas) #21

That’s fine :slight_smile: