WTS Naglfar Pilot (project) 20.4m sp (c5 rattle alt)


Ol John here was one of my core C5 WH rattle pilots, which he still has all the skills for. I decided to train him into a naglfar for other purposes but seeing if he can find a better home to finish up that training!

Some highlights:
c5 WH ready (rattle + gecko)
T2 Siege
T1 cap guns
Cyber V

No Kill rights
positive wallet
positive sec status
no JC
2 remaps (1 yearly/1bonus)

Plex Transfer will be used!

Confirming for sale

14b isk

18b b/o. Around tonight if you agree





I’ll accept this. Send isk and account name to John in game and I will submit the ticket

Accepting @Mazer_Tsero to be clear

I just need to get home from work and will send it in a couple hours

No rush, just post here when you do and I’ll get to it. Cheers :ccpguard:

Isk and Evemail sent

Ticket submitted to the GM team. https://prnt.sc/ovb4pi

I’ll update when they email me back that its been transferred

@Mazer_Tsero GM just emailed me saying the transfer is complete, please confirm

Just got it, Thanks!

@Kagun Thanks for your best offer :nerd_face:

idk, this toon doesn’t worth 22bil :wink:

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