WTS Naglfar/hauler pilot 27m sp

(Hauling Stuff) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hauling_Stuff pw 1234

i used it for c5 wh site running. has t2 siege and capital projectiles.
positive wallet.
has gallente, amarr, minmatar frigate lvl V as well as minmatar destroyer V
1 remap available. comes with standard implant set.

starting the bidding at 18b

(Hauling Stuff) #2


(Hauling Stuff) #3


(poplar leaf miners) #4

18 bil

(lycoses22) #6

18b offer

(Imma wormholer btw) #7


(lycoses22) #8

21b offer

(Hauling Stuff) #9

24 b buyout

(Ptahatep) #10

24b …

(Ptahatep) #11

Isk and account info sent

(Hauling Stuff) #12

Will check and transfer in the hour or 2. Just getting up

(Hauling Stuff) #13

isk receive. account transferred. confirm for me if you can. first time selling a toon for me hoping i got it right

(Ptahatep) #14

Character is received.
Thanks =)

(system) #15

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