Rattlesnake Pilot

Great Rattlesnake Pilot for C5 farm holes

I have 3 others for sale if you are interested.

Positive wallet, will be in NPC corp before sale, currently just seeing if there is interest in the sale.

Mid-Grade Crystals plugged in

Open to offers


what are you using for dps? Just the drones?

Yep, here is an idea of the fit. (It doesn’t need to be anywhere near this bling)

https://evepraisal.com/a/h7ipy 5 of these blitz the sites, one just fits a TP to move drone agro for all pilots

I can give you 5b for this one or 13b for all of them, but I would like to see eveboard link if you decide to sell others

to low, sorry

5.5b offered, would also consider buying all of them at once.

6 bill

6.8 bil


getting closer to what I was looking for

frankly mate, i would take that 7b offer, your pilot barely has the skills to be a cruiser pilot let alone a “Rattlesnake” pilot, you lack the lvl 5 skills for tanking, no lvl 5 battleship skills and except for drones, you have no dps.

heh, thanks for your opinion.


got a deal if we buy all 3?

bump, happy to discuss selling multiple if you like

These still for sale?

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