WTS research-optimized Raitaru, contiguous highsec near Dodixie. 1660m

Location is secret for operational security (both pre-sale and post-sale), but it is less than 5 jumps from Dodixie and all of that is in highsec.

Looking to sell this little beauty:


Many a dreadnought BPO or structure component BPO has been researched here.

Asking 1660m, includes 39 days of fuel with current services (8525 Hydrogen Fuel Block)

Mechanics of sale:

  • If you trust me, pay me 1660m and I will transfer it.
  • If you do not trust me, we will discuss a mutually acceptable third party. You will transfer the third party the sum of 1660m ISK plus any fees they charge. I will then record a video of the transfer. Once the third party agrees that the transfer was made, they will pay me the 1660m.

FAQ about structure sales:

  • Can it be moved?

No. Doing so would destroy the rigs.

i will take it off your hands but will need reputable 3rd party

Sure, if we can agree upon one we can deal.

I will ask some of the well known market discussions people if you’d like.

I’ve suggested Elizabeth Norn via a post in their thread.

If that sale falls through Sabriz, I’m happy to take it.

This listing is tenatively closed. An in-principle agreement has been reached and @Elizabeth_Norn will act as a third party.

(Edit to add - I’m off work sick, might be a bit flaky with times but will definitely commit the transfer within 18 hours of getting the go ahead)


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