WTS Revenant Hull + Rigs (SOLD)

Bid starts at 200b. Will close Dec 2nd.

Bid here please. thank you!

In Null, will help move.

Rigs 3x Capital Core Defense FE II’s.


Yes, 3x Capital Core Defense FE II’s.

9 piece chicken nuggets + a Hug is the best i can do

I only deal in 12 pc mcnuggets and side hugs tho. :frowning:

Deal :+1:

No deal, you only have 9 and one has a bite out of it.

I can get you new ones
This time 18pc nuggets

On a serious note tho
I dont have the money to buy it
Hope u find a buyer soon
Fly safe o7


Bump to the :crescent_moon:

Bid for 200b recvd in game.

bid for 210b recvd in game.

Sold @ 250b.

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