WTS Rorq/JF/Refiner 50msp

(Mrak91) #1

WTS my alt that has been sitting around for a bit now, Im in no hurry to sell so if your looking to flip it for injectors then please dont bid.

B/O - 55B

Has a remap

Can fit a T2 Rorq, and boost decently.

Exhumers V (T2 crystals)
ORE industrial V
Industrial command ships V
Capital Industrial Ships V
Most basic ores reprocessing V
Cybernetics V
Jump Cal V
Jump Fuel IV
Most Mining boosts V
Dronve Avionics V
Drone Interfacing V
Drone Nav V
Drones V
Mining Drone V
Mining Drone spec IV
Invulnerability core IV

Good basis for tank and engineering and nav

Was in a hurry to write this, check it out for yourself…

(3li Abdullah) #2

Retracted. bought anther character.

(The Great Engineer) #3


(Mrak91) #4

Bump, Im awake, 55B takes him home!

(3li Abdullah) #5

Retracted. bought anther character.

(Mrak91) #6

Bump, have the flu and you can have it too for 55B

(Mrak91) #7

ill take 53B at the lowest.

(Mrak91) #8

Bump, still for sale B/O 53B

(Mrak91) #9

It’s friday and it’s time for him to be sold! - bump

(Yolla TapNgo) #10

The linked toon has less then 6mil sp. I’m calling scam here.

(Mashie Saldana) #11

He probably got tired of waiting to sell it and extracted all without closing this thread. Too bad, I was considering buying.

(Yolla TapNgo) #12

Yeah possible. To bad.

(system) #13

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