WTS Rorq pilot with great drone skills and JDC 5

Char name is Awspar Salias. Make payment to Dr Strayfinger in game.

What about your skill links?

we should know how much you want for lowest bid, buyout, skill link and stuff like that i mean i can start the bid with 1 isk

Imagine putting your char’s EVEskills link so we can have an idea of what the char is worth.

Awspar Salias make a link!

im sorry im new to this. one moment.

In the top right corner!

Check the stickied post “Welcome to the Character Bazaar”.

You will learn things like payment should be to the character to be sold, you can then give it to whatever character you prefer before doing the character transfer.

All the rest of the rules and guidelines are there, to make it easier to sell your character and/or prevent anyone getting scammed.

so they pay this char first then I give someone the char?

They send the isk to the character for sale, yes.

Then you can transfer it to whatever character you prefer, be it your main, a trade alt, a third party, etc, before you complete the transfer of the character.

It is all spelled out in the stickied welcome post.

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