WTS Rorq Pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Podsiralo pass 123

Excellent Drone skills, including maxxed Mining drone skills. Can use Excavator Drones to fullest extent.
Perfect bonus

    Leadership / Rank 1 / Level: 5 / SP: 256,000 of 256,000	                Level 5
Mining Director / Rank 5 / Level: 5 / SP: 1,280,000 of 1,280,000	Level 5
Mining Foreman / Rank 2 / Level: 5 / SP: 512,000 of 512,000           Level 5

30 b to bid.
45b instant b/o.

Positive sec status. In Jita.

the pass does not work

pass 111


up up up

30 bil

When trying to outbid someone you do know you have to actually outbid them…

But to prevent any missunderstanding ill bid 30.5bil



final bid will be taken at 21 jan 00 ET




Who will pay for the transfer fee?

Looks like I made the last offer!

i pay transfer

bid accepted. transfer me isk and give your login name on my character mail

isk and accountname sent

This character is being transferred to another account and cannot be logged in

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