WTS Rorqual Pilot 28.2M SP

Can Fly
Rorqual T1 Indi
T3 & T2 MIM Cruiser & Destroyers
1. Wallet balance.
2. Kill rights
3. Jump clones
4. Character location.
Jita IV -Moon 10 Caldari Business Tribunal

Starting Bid 20Bil
500M Increments
B/O 27Bil
Bidding Ends 12/21/2018 1200 Eve Time

20 bil

22B offer

22.5 B offer

offer now

23.5 bil

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24B billion

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25B offer

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hey all, i will be on at 1200 eve time to finalize the auction then if the winner is not online then it will move on to the runner up and so. if no one is on it will have to wait until the 27th to be handled.

25.5B offer

Young are you online

hi lyle
i have sent you a massage

isk sent
will post here when bio is complete to transfer

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