WTS Rorqual Pilots (28m+ SP)

Confirming that I have agreed to this price, received the isk, and have filed a petition to start the transfer process, thank you for your patience

Isk and account info resent for Karl Hakari. Awaiting Transfer

Isk and account info received, filing petition to start transfer, thank you

Isk and account info received from Beast Tivianne, petition filed to start transfer

still not get my char :frowning: 30hours passed

The last ones took a similar amount of time unfortunately. Just Incase for whatever reason the transfer fails, I have the isk on hand to refund, but a day or two patience is very much appreciated

4day passed :anguished:

Konu, Karl, and Effsea transfers have completed, thank you for your patience, sorry that it took a while. Busy GMs I guess ^^;

char received,after loooooooooooooong time waiting

Is breaking badd still for sale?

Sorry, just resubbed him a couple hours before your post to use him again for a bit, will be back for sale in a month

alright, send me a mail in game when he is back on sale, if im still interested i will take another look, but the time factor may be an issue

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do you still have rorquel char

if you still have a rorqual char i will buy 2