WTS Science/Indy L4 Runner, Tengu pilot, 40m SP — SOLD

Primarily Invention, T2 S/M/L ship construction.
Runs L4 missions solo for fun and profit while jobs are in the queue. → Raven missile boat pilot
Tengu pilot
Blockade Runner / DST Pilot
No kill rights
Clean history
Several clones
Positive wallet balance


30b obo
I will pay transfer fee, of course.

I can offer 24b

Hey Linoaa — I can do 26b. How’s that sound?

Can we meet at 25 ?

Sounds good!

Sending ISK and account info

Thx you

Thank you! Transfer initiated. Also — Georges has 4 L4 Research agents making data cores. Handy for invention. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.
Fly safe!

PS. You can contact me at the character ISK Inhibitor, if needed.

Recieved the transfer mail.

Thx you very much

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