WTS Skin stock 1.5 trillion available

Looking for buyers only spending 10B +
Wanna know my price? Take the lowest sell order and minus at least 5% from it.
If purchasing upwards of 50B I will make better deals, 100B I can probably swing 10% off or more, depending on the skins. I have over 900 unique skins, here is a list of most of them, but some are missing. If there is something else I may have it. These are mostly just ones at 500M+ or that have little to no availability and are available in JITA 4-4 as of now.

Faction skins https://evepraisal.com/a/n99bo
Random Rare Skins, most not on market https://evepraisal.com/a/n99bw
Have at least another 100-200b in skins on diff chars, and I will try to update my list when I get a chance.

Also looking to sell Nyx Quafe Skin - 55B. (OBO)

guess I can only post 2 links. check below for more skins lists.

Amarr https://evepraisal.com/a/n99aq
Caldari https://evepraisal.com/a/n99b2

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