WTS rare SKINs

1.5 trillion isk in SKIN stock… I tried to post appraisal links but my post was automatically hidden/shut down. Message me in game if you are interested in purchasing stocks in skins, I have over 900 unique skins to choose from, 30+ skins not available on the market at all right now. Will sell for 5% below market sell price or more, but not looking to deal with sales under 5 billion. Anything over 100 billion I should be able to work closer to 10% off total purchase.

Kronos Headhunter - 15 billion
Nomad Justice - 25 billion
Nyx Quafe Skin - 55 billion for sale.
Eros Blossom Skins, Headhunter skins, Yoiul skins, emergency response and police skins, etc.
Very negotiable on all. Message me if you have 5 B+ at least and want a skin, or just make a contract with what you think is fair and I will accept it if I have em.

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