Selling SKINS - Cheapest on the market

Erebus InterBus Skin - 9b
Nyx Quafe Skin - 25b
Rorqual Nocx Rush Skin - 500m
Celestis interBus Skin - 600m

The rest can be seen here:
Will sell everything 10-20% OFF jita price

Mail me ingame for inquiries


Megathron skin price?

I can do 2b for the Megathron Quafe Skin

Thanks, will pass on this one

Didn’t see that. I can do 1.7 in that case

I’m struggling to figure out why your pricing the nxy quafe at 45b, ignore the one that i up for sale in jita it means nothing, with regards to the nyx it has probably the most options with regards to skins, many of which are nicer than the quafe, to my knowledge only one has sold in the last couple of years for i think 10b…coupling that with the fact that CCP re-release skins and the quafe line is due at some point, i respectfully offer you 7b.

Lowered price to 25b for the Nyx skin.


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